After a long hiatus…

Eek last time I blogged was in March?!

To be fair I was concentrating on my last month as a student, passing my course, finishing coding and designing this awesome website etc. Also planning a wedding, then executing a wedding is no picnic. But that’s not really an excuse…

So here are a few pictures as an apology for my long silence.


Italy was smashing

The tuscan hillsides are the most beautiful setting I could have asked for, and the venue, oh the venue!! (You too can rent it – shameless plug)

The groomsmen were less pleased with the 40 degree heat as you can imagine, but truly we couldn’t have asked for a more special day. It was stunningly spectacular.

And now were back in Vancouver and Fall is beautiful, the pumpkin ales are out in full force and the stouts are beginning to trickle in.

Yay for the next chapter!

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