Caught in code

Building blocks

Now I understand that what I call coding and what coders call coding are vastly different things. Sort of like comparing toddlers playing with ABC blocks and epic novelists – they are both playing with letters… just on vastly different scales.

Nevertheless, this is what I have found.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript are all nice demonstrative languages

You code something and something happens. You can check what happens and make sure it works. It can be confusing and frustrating – but there is a definitive way to check if it’s working.

I like these scripting languages! Being a visual person they make sense to me. It’s like building puzzles. You know what picture you want to create and you find the bits that fit together in the right way, put them in the right spot and they hang together in a beautiful – and quantifiable way.

Enter PHP – in a word: baffling

I think I understand the concepts – sort of… But it was in a conversation with my lecturer, which really emphasized just how visual I am.

I asked if he could give us a screen grab of the result data dump. You know so we know what we were aiming for, make sure we had completed the assignment correctly. He looked at me confused and patiently explained that this screenshot would in no way help me. After a back and forth trying-to-clarify-our-position conversation, I realized that it’s actually because there is nothing to see. A database should in fact be invisible – it should just work.

And that was my stumbling point.

ABC blocks

Basically I have come to the conclusion that I like my ABC blocks and I will hire an epic novelist to create the invisible, strong framework on which to pin my pretty blocks.

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