Code – a frustrating reward

There is nothing more satisfying than wrestling stubborn code into submission. Although I admit once I start playing with stubborn code I forget things like lunch, bathroom breaks and coffee. Which generally help removing the idiotic girders in my path.

Today I decided to tackle something that has been bothering me for a while. My disqus commenting section didn’t sit perfectly and my beautiful bespoke next/previous buttons were sitting right on top on the bottom of my blogs. This I was fixing using return strokes at the end of my blog posts – hardly an elegant solution!

Now I understand that this probably wasn’t noticed by anyone other than me – and I have tried to solve this issue more than once, but BY GEORGE it was irritating!

So I decided about 3 hours ago to fix this. HA! How hard could it be? I told myself – and now having fixed the problem not hard at all… Therein lies the kick in the teeth – it took me 3 hours to figure out that by rearranging (not even rewriting) exactly 2 lines of code everything now magically works as I first intended it to.

I literally swapped lines 120, and 121

I also now feel like a superhero – over 2 lines of code!! How ridiculous! I have reprimanded myself, but that hasn’t removed the great sense of achievement I now feel. Hooray for fixed annoying bit of my website that no-one but me noticed.

Today I feel clever. Today coding has been a frustrating reward.


Now off to lunch!

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