How I can help

It can be daunting trying to run your business and plan your marketing strategy at the same time. Precious minutes that could be spent on your bottom line are trickling away while you try to learn and develop a set of skills you may have no interest in. Rather use someone who loves this stuff and is excited to help you create the perfect marketing plan to forward your company… like me!

So what’s up with social media?

You shouldn’t have to think about how the social networks relate to your business, or which ones will work well for you. Let me bring my experience to your business. I find creating strategic social media plans fascinating. Implementation even more so. Make reaching out to your customer base easy – use an expert who loves what they do, so that you can focus on what you are passionate about. Inform and grow your community with customers that will refer their friends and bring you repeat business. Social media has become an integral part of our lives. We interact with it on a daily basis, connect with our friends and generally let the world know how we are doing. Why not make it work for your business too.

Campaigns and why they matter

Integrated campaigns have been proven to have a higher return on investment. They have more chance in reaching the right people and turning them into customers that stick around for a long time. Using a multi pronged attack ensures your message is well rounded and less likely to get lost. Well thought out campaigns also tend to be more memorable, build your brand and ultimately get more sales. I have experience on using multiple mediums to create marketing campaigns that were extremely effective. Let me bring what I’ve learnt to your table.

What is a brand and why is it important?

Your brand is the representation of your company. It is often how you are seen in the industry, and where you were positioned in it. Branding is so much more than just your logo. It includes your business ethos, what you stand for, the tone of your messaging, how you treat your customers, how you deal with your competitors and many more tiny details that make up how your customers see you. This can be an overwhelming item to tackle. However there are some of us who love the challenge. Taking a look at your business, where you want to be and how we are going to get you there.

Making things look pretty

For a bit of flavour I enjoy putting together the look and feel of campaigns – ensuring that all components of a campaign match and work together. With 7 years as Head of Design at OfficeTeam, I am very familiar with deadlines and meeting them. I can whip up a campaign from print, to web in a flash. Making sure that you have a minimal wait and can get on with running your business. One of my aims is that design adds to the message of the campaign. This ensures that the campaign is well understood and reinforces the business brand and positioning.

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