I’m a creature of habit, and that’s not a bad thing

Habits are a good thing

I have come to the conclusion that habits can be a good thing. In fact I am a fan of process. A big fan. I think this is why I am good at what I do.

Habits are great. Habits create expected behaviours, responses and can be used very effectively to get stuff done. Timelines, deadlines and process are my bread and butter. No matter what hat I am wearing – project manager, creative, marketeer – all these things are time sensitive. Juggling multiple projects ensures that time management is one of the things I have gotten really really good at.

I took me a while to recognise this, that I need habits, that I like them. Habits get the boring stuff done!

Chores are BORING

It’s simple really, if I want to get to the fun stuff I need to ensure that the annoying ‘life’ things are done. Things like cleaning our apartment, washing, food shopping. I hate these things, I’m pretty sure most people do! So my husband (robboffard.com) and I do these annoying things on a Thursday, every Thursday, it’s our flat admin day. And since we’ve had a day, we’ve had less “oh-god-why-is-our-flat-so-dirty, ah!-because-we-haven’t-cleaned-it-ages-eeeeew!” moments.

Now I’ve used chores for easy relatability, but the simple truth is that in any job you have any amount of chores that need to get done. You need sign-off on emails, check deadlines, write user guides, briefing notes, you need to bring a project back to earth (who needs realistically executable projects anyway?!) etc. These things are BOOOORING! Branding is fun, creating is fun, these things are the things you applied for – making changes, proofing and spell check are not.

Efficiency gives people more time to do the stuff they love

Habits ensure that the adminy bits are done smoothly and without pain points. This is where I come in. I love process, I love efficiency, and more than anything, I love giving people (or myself) more time to do what they love. I know now that this is basically how I am wired. I love pushing, and coercing great work out of people while ensuring that the business is actually functioning.

I like making sure that people have a way to get the boring adminy bits done fast and efficiently. Creating simple steps, and that the steps are continually reiterated so that they are effective is fun for me! Efficiency is great, it’s shiny and it’s something I strive for in most things. Habits can help with this.

Cooking on gas

Of course habits need to help the creative process not hinder it. But the bottom line is that you are helping sell, promote or create awareness about a service or product. And if you can do this in a timely fashion whaaay you’re cooking on gas.

I do find it hard to be regimented about setting aside research and learning time, but it ,makes me better at what I do. And when I do learn new things it’s glorious! Making a habit of creatively thinking is simply a way to stretch yourself, use habits to make sure that you are on the top of your game – it works, I know I do it all the time!





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