A collection of cool things I’ve found, ideas that pop into my head, and concepts I have been mulling over. These writings will hopefully amuse, entertain you and every now and them make you think.

Stretching my creative legs

Being tasked with creating a crest and credo representing who we are is not something to be sniffed at. Taking a project like this one seriously is challenging, after all, we are our own biggest critics. How many of us have sat down to think about what would be a...

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Who doesn’t have facebook?

It’s amazing how far social media has come. When the question becomes “who doesn’t have Facebook?” instead of “who has Facebook?”, you realise how much the world has changed in the last decade. Suddenly all web programmes include a social media course, and my current...

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Happy 20 years to the Rainbow Nation

Every now and again an ad campaign just blows me away. This time it's Coke and it's in South Africa. Can you imagine sitting in a creative meeting and pitching the following: "So... like you know how it's 20 years of democracy in South Africa in 2014? And you know how...

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Epic America Trip 2012

Finally the compiling of our blog, images and memories into a book has been completed. Our 63 day roadtrip has now been further immortalised, and highlighted more than ever that designing for yourself is the hardest of tasks. [button...

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Attack kitten

Creative humour.... sometimes adverts just nail it. On a personal note I loved seeing a South African ad making the cut. Below are my favourites they both made me chuckle. Campaign for Whiskas via the UK.   Via South Africa. Sexist? Yes. Financially prudent? Yes....

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Food for the soul

I love competitions like this. They are quite simply - awe inspiring.   You could spend hours going through the images submitted for the National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest 2013, just stunning visuals that speak to the soul. [button...

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Nature colour palettes make me happy

  Nature gives us so much inspiration, but too often we forget to look outside. When I see what people have noticed and put observations to paper, I am always reminded of this. I'm not sure if it's the nature lover or designer in me, but something about these...

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