Collectible awareness

OfficeTeam Button Awareness Campaign

A multifaceted marketing campaign to build brand awareness with prospective customers such as large companies, over a six month period.

OfficeTeam wanted a campaign that was memorable, and collectable. They wanted to create a branding campaign to promote the company as a whole, especially for use as a six-month lead up to tender requests.

Often companies are invited to tender, and since the rebrand, OfficeTeam were getting fewer invitations than normal. They wanted something that could be used in the run-up to a tenders being sent out to, remind customers and potential customers that OfficeTeam were still in business and competitive.


Print, web and email


Project role:

Planning of the overall look of the campaign and the creation of the mail-out piece. Coordination with the web developer to ensure unity across both the print, web and email portions


Programs used:

Indesign, Illustrator, Dotmailer


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