Rewriting identity

Rob Boffard Identity Creation & Website Redesign

OfficeTeam needed to create a campaign that showed how important their current customers were as well as encourage them to share OfficeTeam with their friends and colleagues. The aim was to grow their customer base.

In addition, the campaign was to build the brand of OfficeTeam, and reinforce it to their customers. The bright colours and squares were used to reinforce the brand. The paper-chain, die-cut piece helps build the image of a unique club, it served as an invitation to join and take part.

I was tasked with creating the initial print piece and then working with the web developer to create a microsite that worked alongside it.

The project was very successful, the piece was preserved by customers and were often seen on desks standing up. The die-cut provided an interactivity that had a longevity that trumped all campaigns done in the past.

The sales force also used this piece, as prior to creation we went to them and got their feedback for the project and work with them on messaging so that they were happy to use the campaign. (This lack of buy-in had been a big problem in the past, resulting in campaigns not being used at all.)


Print, web, and email

Project role:

Planning of the overall campaign. Look and feel for the campaign, as well as ready-for-print mail-out piece. Creation of the microsite elements.

Programs used:

Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dotmailer, Flash

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