Interesting folds

OfficeTeam Foldout, a mail out piece for OfficeTeam to show the facets of their business.

OfficeTeam wanted an interactive piece that highlighted the key parts of the business solution they provide. Their sales force respond well to unusual pieces. I worked with the printer to create an interesting fold-out piece that could be posted to customers or hand delivered to sell-in other services. One of OfficeTeam’s strengths is their wide expertise in a large range of business solutions, and they wanted to emphasise this.

The folds of the piece lent themselves to a natural segmentation of the services and also spoke to the problem solving nature of the company. They pride themselves on solution based thinking.


Planning of the overall look of the campaign,creation of the mail-out piece and liaising with the printer.

Project role:

Brand creation. Planning of the overall look of the website and the creation thereof. Ensuring email list building, create and test email template. Business card creation and liaising with contractors for printing.

Programs used:

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dotmailer

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