Rewriting identity

Rob Boffard Identity Creation & Website Redesign

Rob Boffard wanted a more modern, professional feel for his website that he could launch at the same time his book was being announced. He wanted to ensure that the content was easy to maintain, easy to add to and be effortless to keep consistent. His previous website has caused him no end of problems, so ease of use was paramount. Additionally, he wanted a brand identity to work alongside his website. Other work included creation of a business card and newsletter email template which he could edit and use at his convenience.

See Rob Boffard’s website.

More of the process


Brand identity. WordPress website, easy to use, a better archive system. Automatic email list building. Email template. Business card.


Project role:

Brand creation. Planning of the overall look of the website and the creation thereof. Ensuring email list building, create and test email template. Business card creation and liaising with contractors for printing.


Programs used:

Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sublime, WordPress, Mailchimp

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