Social media is like a small town

Small town

Alexandre Duret-Lutz – Time Spiral

One of the most difficult things to convey is why social media is important. Why does it need momentum, why should this time-consuming and somewhat annoying marketing task be allocated a period each day? I mean, we’re all busy right? And how much could it possibly help.

This attitude towards social marketing is vexing and completely understandable. I think that part of why there is no commitment to a social media campaign, is there is no definitive ROI (return on investment). We can’t explain why it’s great and so you receive no buy-in from your clients.

Influencers become very important

But I have come to this conclusion: Think of social media like a small town. Social media works exactly like a small town – you get to know everyone, get to know the influencers in the community and if you have a great product/service everyone soon knows about it, want to use it and will even recommend it to others.

Additionally people like to know when stuff is going to be updated. You can’t just take a break – you have to let your audience know. Otherwise, they will get bored and never be seen again. One thing to note is that this timeframe is waaaay shorter online than it is in a small town community. People are creatures of habit, they like routine. Build momentum and keep it.

Building trust

People will get to know you through your online interactions, much like if you visited the same sandwich shop each week. They will start to trust you and may consider using your business, they even may recommend your service to other people based on their perception of your company through your online presence. Keep your interactions relevant, reliable and true to your company and you will build an audience that is loyal and will help spread the word about you and your company.

That’s the power of social media for businesses.

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