Stretching my creative legs

Creative stretching Creative stretching

Being tasked with creating a crest and credo representing who we are is not something to be sniffed at. Taking a project like this one seriously is challenging, after all, we are our own biggest critics.

How many of us have sat down to think about what would be a great representation of ourselves and why?  You could just throw a couple of things together and call it project done. But I decided to stretch my creative legs, to push myself and create something special.

Create to inspire

I wanted to create a family crest that could inspire. To include how Rob (my partner in life and everything) and I live our lives. I wanted to incorporate how our families contribute to our ideals and the people we have become. In short I wanted a crest and credo we could show our friends and family and have them nod and say “Ja, I totally see that!”.

The credo is a roadmap of how to live. It is centered round three ideals:

  • Aspire
  • Dream
  • Seek

And within these a few different ideas:

  • Explore human connection
  • Live big
  • Celebrate difference
  • Collect ideas

Incorporating us

The crest tries to incorporate who we are and what we do. A rising sun for optimism and hope, a beer mug to remind us to explore and share new foods, a paper plane representing past and future travel, and a power button to show our love for games. The shield bearers show, stability, family and a sense of fun.

Creative styling

Finally, the style I chose – Bauhaus – points to my heritage and tastes, I wanted to design something incorporating this style. It is so seemingly rigid, but I found that there is a huge amount of creativity within its constraints. I like the idea of something appearing to be hard until you take a closer look and in so doing see its playful side.

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