More about me

I was born in South Africa. I have made it my mission to eat, drink and travel my way around the world. A hunger to learn and experience new things has developed and informed my career as a marketing designer.

I recently graduated from the New Media Design and Web Development program at BCIT in Vancouver. My aim is to develop my skillset to become a more effective project manager. Developing messages and marketing strategies that work for companies is what I want to do.


Prior to my move to Vancouver in 2014, I worked as Head Designer for OfficeTeam Ltd in London, UK, spending seven years as part of their marketing team. I found a true passion for project management and message development.


I strongly believe in collaboration and have proven talented at getting cross-discipline teams to work together successfully. If you want to contact me, Iā€™m on

  • Project management 75%
  • Problem solving 70%
  • Multiple-medium marketing campaigns 85%
  • Brand development 70%
  • Front-end web development 60%
  • Strategic social media planning 65%
  • Graphic design 85%
Adobe Programs

Professional development, below are some highlights

Breaking out on my own Freelancing 2012-2014

After working in a corporate, B2B environment for seven years, I decided to breakout and work independently. This gave me more creative freedom, but I missed being part of a larger team. It was good to experience the challenge of working project-to-project ā€“ but my strengths lie in getting multi-disciplined teams to work together on cross-platform marketing campaigns. This led me to study New Media Design and Web Development at BCIT, a course which I expect to graduate from in April.

OfficeTeam Logo

Seeing corporate OfficeTeam Ltd 2007 ā€“ 2012

During my time at OfficeTeam Ltd (based in London, UK) I progressed from Marketing Assistant to Marketing Executive and was finally promoted to Head of Design in 2009. During my time there, I worked on developing multifaceted campaigns, and ensured cooperation from both the design teams and web teams. In addition I spearheaded OfficeTeam’s rebranding campaign in 2010, and made sure that a solid, recognizable brand was visible in the marketplace, both on and offline.

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